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  • Advertisement (Newspaper/SMS & 24/7 Online)
    广告刊登 – 报业,电话短信 & 网际网络
  • Constant Update on Marketing Campaign
  • Financial Planning (Selling/Buying)
    经济策划 / (买或卖)
  • Consultation on Divorce/Bankruptcy
    离婚 / 破产案例咨询服务
  • Consultation on HDB/CPF Policy/Housing Grant
    建屋局 / 公积金 / 房屋津贴 咨询服务
  • Arrangement of Law Firm/Bank Loan
  • Comparative Market Analysis

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  • You need this if you have no idea who are selling in your area now. With a comprehensive market analysis report at your finger tips, you can better outperformed all your competitor.
  • You need this if you are looking to buy a property and have no idea what is the current expected valuation of the property that you are keen to purchase.